About Workplace Impairment Solutions

Determining if someone has medications or drugs in their system is straight forward, but determining if they can perform their job safely has been challenging, until now.


The Workplace Impairment Test (WIT) provides a standardized approach to testing for impairment in the workplace based on the tests used by Drug Recognition Experts (DREs).  We use divided attention psychophysical tests to determine, in real time, if someone is impaired.


The WIT works in conjunction with drug tests or can be used as a stand-alone test.  It can be used as a risk decision test when needing to determine if someone is safe to perform his or her duties in a safety sensitive setting.  The WIT can be used within the guidelines of your existing policy as a part of pre-access, post incident, reasonable cause testing or testing to assess impairment from medications or medical cannabis. 


The WIT provides the final piece of the puzzle to help determine if someone is impaired in the workplace, allowing your company to determine levels of impairment based on medications, medically authorized cannabis, prescribed or illicit drug use, medical emergencies or sleep deprivation.


This test measures impairment.  Simple as that.  The only goal of the WIT is to help keep employees, their coworkers and the public safe at all times.