The 'WIT' Detects Signs of Impairment to Keep Your Workplace Safe

The Workplace Impairment Test (WIT) provides a standardized approach to testing for impairment in the workplace based on the tests used by Drug Recognition Experts (DREs).
We use divided attention psychophysical tests to determine, in real time, if someone is impaired.

The 'WIT' is a tablet-based app, which is designed specifically for ease of use. It starts with general questions to determine if the subject is in need of medical attention. The 'WIT' continues with psychophysical and eye tests. The tester will score each test, and our proprietary algorithm will determine if the subject shows signs of impairment.
The 'WIT' works in conjunction with workplace alcohol and drug tests or can be used as a stand-alone test. It can be used as a risk decision test when needing to determine if someone is safe to perform his or her duties in a safety sensitive setting.

The goal of the 'WIT' is to help keep employees, their co-workers and the public, safe at all times.

It takes approximately 15 minutes for the 'WIT' to be completed.

The 'WIT' can be utilized in different settings to provide your company with information regarding true impairment. Some companies use the 'WIT' for:
  • Determination of impairment from medical cannabis, prescription medications and/or over-the-counter medications
  • To make a decision about risk and the employee’s ability to safely return to work after an incident, near miss, or accident
  • In conjunction with a drug test for pre-employment testing, pre-access testing, reasonable cause or post-incident
  • In addition to or in place of, POCT testing to make a determination about risk decisions and return to work

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